A Ghost Feeds My Cat?

Funny story. Every morning, my daughter’s cat, Blossom, meows at me when I get up to go to the bathroom. And this morning, not long ago, was no exception. I was in the bathroom preparing to get in the shower. The bathroom door was partly closed and I could hear Blossom meowing as usual. She wanted fresh water and food just like every other morning. I yelled out to the cat to wait a minute, that I would feed her when I was done. All of a sudden, I heard Blossom’s food bag rustle and food started pouring into her bowl. I thought, “What the hell? Is she getting her own food now? Awesome!”

Of course, with all the paranormal activity that has happened at the house, especially in the room where Blossom sleeps, I honestly also wondered if something MORE was happening. I called out, “Who’s there?” and my daughter, Courtney, answered. She had forgotten her name tag for work from when she was at the house the night before and had come in quietly because she wasn’t sure if I was awake. So it was Courtney who had gotten Blossom her food. I figured that perhaps the ghosts were helping out or that Blossom got impatient and helped herself. I would have been okay with either option, but no such luck!