One of the foundational discoveries we made as we interacted with and experienced so many different types of paranormal encounters was that, in many cases, paranormal entities were attached to something. We often encountered spirits attached to people, but also to objects and locations. The reasons for the attachments are as varied as the types of spirits themselves. Traumatic events and intense emotion are likely the two most prominent forms of attachment. For instance, we’ve all heard of battlefields, asylums and prisons that were haunted.

What some do not realize, however, is that attachment…especially spirits attached to people…often occurs due to some form of permission that is given. That “permission” can be given in the form of someone being dedicated to spiritual service of some form (good or bad). It can even be “given” simply through watching horror movies or by visiting places where spirits reside. I remember many times when different ones, especially teenagers, would comment how cool it was that we could see or sense spirits. They would often ask how they could experience their own encounters. Our response was always the same: “Be careful what you wish for!”