Get Out of My Cat!

One of the insights I gained early on in dealing with the paranormal was just how in-tune animals seem to be with the supernatural. We’ve all heard stories of when animals flee an area before an earthquake or other major natural event occurs, but to also connect with the supernatural as well? It didn’t take long for me to become a believer. It’s been my experience that animals are definitely much more tuned in to the paranormal than we realize.

Over the years, our family pets interacted with spirits on many occasions, but none of those interactions came close to paralleling what happened one night with our sandy-colored tabby, Daisy. This intense experience ranks as most of the most bizarre and troubling events to occur in our home, not because it involved evil spirits or strange manifestations. Rather, this particular interaction was challenging because it involved another human being…an intruder who violated our privacy in an unwelcomed, paranormal way.

Of the three cats we had, Daisy was the one I loved the most. We discussed getting another cat on multiple occasions and I laid out just two conditions…the kitten had to be a girl and she had to be a sandy-colored tabby. Finally, after weeks of searching, a friend from work told me she had a kitten that fit my conditions perfectly and “Daisy” had a new home! As she grew, Daisy took on the role as a nurturer, even though her own mother had rejected her as the runt of the litter. She was a survivor and no one expected her to make it at first. But she grew into one of the most peaceful cats I have ever seen. So when paranormal events involving Daisy played out on one particular night, I took it very personally.

Both Deborah and I came from a Native American heritage. Deborah’s heritage included both Lakota and Cherokee, and mine, Cherokee from my Mother’s side of the family. Out of that cultural connection and passion to serve the Native American people, we began a non-profit organization called, Healing the Land, that was focused on facilitating reconciliation between Native and non-Native people groups. We also served as consultants and experts on the spiritual dynamics of geographic areas and regions. From the beginning we naively assumed that everyone would want spiritual and emotional healing to come to the land and to the people who resided there, but our experience was MUCH different. Instead, it was like our work drew a giant bull’s-eye on our family and garnered us some very unwelcomed attention, and this attention began with a dream.

One night while we were asleep, a woman suddenly appeared in a dream was having. Her presence in the dream wasn’t a part of the “movie” Deborah had been experiencing. This woman was there with an agenda and a message. She said to Deborah, “I know what you guys are trying to do in bringing healing to the land and I will do everything in my power to make sure you fail!” The woman’s message startled Deborah, as you would imagine, and when she shared it with me in the morning, she was still shaken. Later that day, a quick trip to the local bookstore identified exactly who I suspected the woman was. When I showed Deborah the photo of a local author, she nearly collapsed. She had never heard of this author, but when Deborah saw the author photo from the back of the book, there was no question she was the woman in the dream.

Over the next several weeks, the warnings became more and more pronounced. Our front yard was covered with chicken feathers multiple times. We had pentagrams burned into our grass. One night, six dead blackbirds were lined up evenly spaced across the front of our yard. And yet another night, we came home to discover a cat resembling Courtney’s cat, Blossom, had been gutted and was lying, covered with maggots, on our front porch. All this was happening along with the regular paranormal occurrences inside our home. As you would imagine, it was an intense time that was spiritually and emotionally draining. We also learned a lot about dealing with paranormal events. Of course, we didn’t back down from the commitment to our vision, and that led to an experience that really took things to the next level of challenge.

It was the middle of a very restless night. Deborah had sensed something odd all evening before she went to bed and was having trouble sleeping. After dozing off for a while, she suddenly awoke to an intense feeling that something or someone was in the house. She looked out into the hallway and saw a pale-looking woman kneeling down in from of the bathroom. Daisy was walking toward the woman as she motioned for the cat to come to her. As Deborah watched, Daisy climbed up into the lap of the woman, and when the unwelcomed guest realized that Deborah could see her, the woman immediately began moving downward into Daisy and possessed the cat. Deborah woke me up screaming and I instantly felt the strong presence as well. At first, Daisy was listless and lying in the hallway, but when I ran over to her, she ran into the basement to hide. I followed in pursuit along with Deborah not knowing for sure what was really happening. I was pissed…partly because this “woman” was in my cat and partly because it was 3am and I was losing sleep!

When I finally found Daisy, she was cowering in one of the rooms in the basement. I reached down to pick her up and that’s when I saw something I’ll never forget…the eyes staring back at me were not Daisy’s normal cat eyes. In their place were human eyes. I know it sounds impossible and challenging to believe, but it’s true. I carried the cat up the basement stairs at arm’s length shouting, “Get out of my cat, you witch! You are NOT welcome in my cat and in my house!” This was not your run-of-the-mill ghost or spirit, but rather a woman who had astral projected into our home and possessed our cat! Once I returned upstairs with Daisy, Deborah prepared a smudge and we prayed over the cat. After praying a cleansing blessing over Daisy and that she would be protected and sealed from further possessions, Daisy’s eyes eventually returned to normal. We also smudged through our home and around the perimeter of our property. Daisy later developed tumors on her head, which, after a lot of prayer, ultimately vanished. This experience would happen twice again with Daisy…once while she was still with us and once several years later with her current caretaker.

On a related somewhat humorous side-note…a few years after the encounter between Daisy and the woman had occurred, Deborah and I were sharing the story with close friends who were visiting. I could tell early on that the husband was a bit on-edge from the story. After all, it was an intense experience. While we were sharing, our oldest cat, a Russian Blue named, Lily, had entered the living room and was sitting on the coffee table near where the man was seated. All of a sudden, Lily began violently scratching her ear, let out a scream and ran out of the room. Our friend reacted, “Whoooaaa…”, leapt up from his chair and ran out the front door. We were startled, but also a bit confused. You see, what he didn’t know was that Lily had ear allergies and often reacted that way to the itching inside. I guess the guy thought this cat had also become possessed as well, and he instinctively responded. Of course, after explaining about Lily’s allergies, we laughed so hard we were practically crying. He didn’t find the humor in it at all!