Goals for Sharing These Stories

I know from first-hand, past experience that sharing some of these stories will open up a proverbial “can of worms.” In the past, I’ve lost friends, had people think I was crazy and had still others think I turned to the “dark side.” But ALSO in this journey, I have been affirmed, encouraged and accepted by SO many others who have had similar experiences or who were, at least, open to consider the strange, bizarre and, at times, the downright terrifying experiences my family and I endured.

I realize that some things are hard to explain, but being curious by nature, I always strive to understand “what,” “why” and “how.” My default logic is NOT to automatically assume that an experience is supernatural or paranormal. On the contrary…I do my best to prove otherwise. That said, you will discover that there is a LOT that I cannot explain as anything but supernatural…and I’m okay with that!